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Imagine a cookbook that's also a go-to guide to pursuing a balanced approach to food and lifestyle. No fads. No diets. Just real DELICIOUS food that suits you - because we are all different and no single diet fits everyone the same. Imagine knowing how to choose real food that’s best for YOUR body and all the while enjoying the treats you love, no questions asked, on occasion. With my 90/10 approach you certainly can do that too. As for the recipes? There are 170+ of them from basics like additive-free spice mixes to celebration cakes, family favourites and classic fast food makeovers. 

With a few updates here and there, all beautifully enveloped in a textured paperback cover The Wholesome Cook gives you: 

  • 170+ refined sugar-free & gluten-free wholefood recipes easily adaptable for other dietary lifestyles, because no single diet fits everyone the same.
  • A wholefood kitchen and wellness guide to help you create an easily adaptable supply that will fit many dietary requirements including gluten-free, low sugar, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, fodmap and other dietary lifestyles.
  • Imagine a resource for produce tips, an extensive shopping list, 21-day meal plan, gut-health foods, advice on dealing with fussy eaters, cravings busters and more in one easy to find place.
  • Your copy will be signed and gift-wrapped. 
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No fads. No diets. Simply choosing real food that's best for your body and enjoying the joy and pleasure of eating. 

'The modern way to eat... life-changing.' Hetty McKinnon, Author Community - Salad recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen

‘The real food movement … will benefit from Martyna’s family-friendly, sensible and outright delicious contribution...' Sarah Wilson, author, I Quit Sugar

'Martyna is a talented whole food cook with a unique approach to creating recipes that not only light up the page and are supremely beautiful to look at but also extremely tasty and adaptable for many different diet styles.' Lee Holmes, author Supercharged cookbook series, holistic nutritionist, wholefoods chef

'The beautiful recipes will ensure that you'll come back wanting to cook time and time again. ' Scott Gooding, co-author Clean Living cookbook series, personal trainer