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Real allergy-friendly food to nourish you no matter your age or stage in life

Imagine knowing exactly how to best nourish yourself through different life stages; how to guide your teens on the path of real food, how to turn your children into real food eaters and set them up with the best nutritional start to a lifetime of health. Knowing what to eat to diminish menopause and andropause symptoms and what foods to eat and which to avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. How to deal with toddlers who are low (fussy) eaters and how to prevent and recognise eating disorders in teens.

Recipes for Life's Seasons is a unique cookbook and wellness guide that addresses the notion that we are all different and no single diet fits everyone the same in brand new light, because it answers the question of dietary needs for different stages in life.

This book is all about community: friends, family and neighbours who look after each other. It seems appropriate, then, that I invited twenty-one friends and colleagues from another community, the wellness community, to share their favourite recipes with you in this book. Sharing recipes, information and advice is a generous act, and I am surrounded by generous people. I hope you enjoy their recipes as much as I do.

Featuring 180 recipes and simple guides to eating for different ages and life stages, with beautifully styled photography and enveloped in a textured hardcover: 

  • Refined sugar-free & gluten-free wholefood recipes easily adaptable for other dietary lifestyles; paleo, vegan, vegetarian, fodmap.
  • Perfect for families and when catering for large groups.
  • A wholefood wellness guide to gut health, digestion and varying dietary needs of different age groups and life stages.
  • Mostly plant-based to help you get the recommended 5 serves of veggies and 2 serves of fruit each day with a separate chapter on fish, seafood and meat. 
  • Includes The Wholesome Cook Shopping List free (valued at $15).
  • No fads. No diets. Simply choosing real food that’s best for YOUR body.